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Right as Rain

Rain. What is it about rain that makes moments in the city that much more dramatic? Is it the pitter-patter sound of droplets propelling from the sky, setting a silencing, melancholic stanza for droves of New Yorkers waltzing about from light to light? Though rain is symbolically the giver of life from a vast nature standpoint, in a concrete jungle like NYC, it often insights the “mean reds” which include fears of being poked in the eye by overzealous umbrella swingers, continuous loops of every Adele record possible to further drown out altered plans and of course, the inevitable struggle of what to wear to combat the unpredictability rain presents while remaining stylish.

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With the latter part of the equation, shoes are the most difficult statement to master because it’s easy enough to slap on a trench coat, cover your head with a scarf, pick up a poppy umbrella and feel as fabulous as Sophia Loren in The Key until you look down and realize you’re walking around with purpose in shoes that either remind you of going fishing or resemble duck fins with the amount of water waddling around your feet. More sloshy than sophisticated…no bueno.

As a Clarks Trendsetter, I was recently sent a pair of their Kadri Lianas in black which are a simple yet elegant looking pair of leather ankle boots with chunky heels, sturdy rubber soles and a comfy footbed – all elements that would make for a smart, dressier rainy day option when weatherproofed. So, I decided to have my boots treated and stowed away to test out on my next dinner date in the rain. I was pleasantly surprised by how relaxed and intact I still felt after a long night of dashing through considerably wet & windy conditions and highly recommend to anyone looking for a neat pair of versatile basics.

right as rain-clarks-kadri-lianna-black-leatherMoments from my enchanting evening when the rain felt just right along with some Adele after the jump…

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Creative Direction: Khadijat Oseni & Cesarin Mateo

Photography: Cesarin Mateo

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