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Life As Travel

What is Life? Is it living infinity free of expectations? Or is it roll in, roll out of bed, day in and day out, a repetition split between reluctant deadlines and enthusiastic snooze buttons with the occasional party mixed in to remind you of your existence? If this certainty were guaranteed, would you opt to have a case of the mundane everyday? Or would you gamble against the odds and dare to be different?

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It’s easy to ask the questions, but more difficult to provide answers, because we all desire a degree of control in some form or another. What would life be if we couldn’t create the memories we desired to collect and retell at a later time to display our glory? The problem is that with all this desire for control, there is little room left for interpretation in our stories, because for the sake of comfort, we’re willing to give up our maps to the guides of family, friends, lovers, school, and career to determine where we end up.

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How about picking up our bags weighing down the anchors of comfort and choosing to map out our own paths despite how uncommon they may be? You don’t necessarily have to go anywhere exotic to learn a new way of seeing things; it’s all about gaining perspective while being open and alert.

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Adventure is a drift away from certainty and comfort is something to be navigated away from fear. Traveling light leaving behind others’ expectations of who you’re supposed to be, and taking a chance on who you want to become makes all the difference. On the open road, the traveler that remains versatile without being weighed down by too many thoughts of worst-case scenarios always has more freedom and control over where the road may lead next without limitations. The journey becomes not about what you bring along with you, but what you choose to take away and leave behind.

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Everywhere you go for the rest of your life is an experience you will never forget. How would you choose to tag your journeys if no one else is watching? What legend would you write against the fable of mediocrity and carry on your shoulders as a sense of home anywhere you go?

What has been your life’s greatest adventure thus far: playing it safe or carrying no inhibitions? The choice is always yours. Because life is living infinitely free of expectations.

Life is an adventure.

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Photography: Cesarin Mateo

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