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Confessions of a Jetsetter w/ Sienna Brown

“This time last year, I had a fantastic job in NYC (somewhat living ‘the dream’) but I felt like something was missing and that thing was Spain. Thinking about it retrospectively, it has always been where I feel like I was destined to be. Since my early teenage years, I’d been infatuated with the Spanish language and culture although I was born and raised in NYC all my life. My interest continued throughout college and I made the decision to study abroad my junior year. It was a life-changing experience that solidified my desire to come back and live long-term. I didn’t know how or when, but I always had a feeling that it would happen…

Sienna Brown-Confessions of a Jetsetter

Fast-forward about three years later and I’m happily sitting on my balcony, drinking coffee in the South of Spain. I decided to make the move allowing me to follow my dreams and live a life that I truly love. Since moving back, the idea of community has been extremely important to me, especially through finding and supporting other female travelers and people who are passionate about living an authentic life. I have always been an advocate of shattering the stereotype that Black travelers shouldn’t visit (or live in) Spain due to the country being “racist.” So often, people let that fear take over and don’t move or visit without actually experiencing the country for all that it is. Thankfully Las Morenas de España has developed into a welcoming and supportive outlet helping redefine the Black experience here in Spain.”

Sienna Brown-Confessions of a Jetsetter

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