Confessions of a Jetsetter™

Confessions Of A Jetsetter w/ Peter Nguyen

Peter Nguyen-Jetsetter Problems 1

“My favorite place has been my most recently far journey to Bologna, Italy. It was so laid back, it really made me reconsider how I want to approach life and my work. It propelled me to want to be a lot more independent, where I can take a long lunch and have wine and chill out with no worries…

A funny encounter in Bologna was when my girlfriend and I kept dining at this restaurant called Diana, which is Mario Batali’s favorite place to eat. They do the classic tagliatelle Bolognese perfect. It was probably our 3rd time there in one week and we went right as they opened…

We asked for some wine, our waiter didn’t speak English well, so we pointed to a drink list and he came out with an entire bottle. He was about to open it and said “no cancel?” We said fuck it and got drunk after we finished the whole bottle. It was 10am.”

Peter Nguyen // @theessentialman


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