Confessions of a Jetsetter™

Confessions of a Jetsetter w/ Sheena Sood

“As a designer and color lover, every place I visit affects me creatively, professionally, and often personally. The art, people, textiles, street art, and food I experience inform my design work.

Last year, I traveled by myself to Mexico City to visit a friend and to explore the city. Three moments from this trip stand out to me the most now.

1)   My visit to Casa Luis Barragán– the rich color palette of pinks, ochre, metallics, touches of blue glass, lots of wood and natural greenery, and the sense of zen that comes from being in such an impeccably designed space. My eyes were dancing for days after.


2)   A vendor selling these multi-color hand knotted bracelets on the street. The geometric rainbow patterns on each one were so mesmerizing to me and my fellow Libra friend that it literally took us both half an hour to choose about a dozen of them. Each one provides a perfect palette to inspire something to come.


3)   The insanely delicious, never-ending bowl of pozole I ate in the Coyoacán market. You have to wait a while to get a seat around a small square bar in the middle of a crowded market. But once you get a bowl, they keep refilling it with the most delicious soup and toppings of cilantro, onion, tortilla, and cream. It was beautiful and all of my senses were happy.


These moments re-energize me and inspire. My lifelong love of color and textiles was really born from being exposed to other parts of the world as a kid, seeing the different ways people dress, the way the patterns and hues changed. So every time I travel, in a way I’m seeking that feast of color all over again.”


x Sheena Sood


About Sheena Sood


Sheena Sood is the designer behind abacaxi. Born literally from a suitcase of vintage embroideries brought back from Rajasthan, abacaxi is about honoring where we came from and celebrating where we are going. After adventures in India, Brazil, Ecuador, and beyond, Sheena has been influenced by many strong cultural forces.  These handcrafting cultures, radiant hues, and upbeat, tropical vibes inform her original prints and designs.

View Sheena’s latest collection at and follow along her daily design adventures via Instagram at @abacaxi_nyc.

Cover & Bio Photo: Lauren Baker