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Afternoons at Café Angelina

I always have a delectable ritual whenever I’m in Paris regardless of what district I’m staying in. And, this ritual simply includes always having to make a quickie at Café Angelina after visiting the Louvre for their divinely rich cup of hot chocolate – the perfect blend of a bitter/sweet symphony for true chocolate lovers. It seems this tradition doesn’t only run deep with me but also with my fellow Jetsetter Problems crew members. Here’s a glimpse at us all up to the same old habits during separate visits to Paris…vive le chocolat!!!

Cesarin Mateo-Jetsetter Problems-Cafe Angelina

Cesarin eagerly anticipating his cup of bliss to descend from the heavens…

Hot chocolate-Cafe Angelina-Jetsetter Problems

The second coming is upon us, the one & only Angelina hot chocolate! Let’s all take a moment to relish in its deliciousness before going h.a.m!

V-Jetsetter Problems-French

Too rich and thick to gobble all at once, it must be savored with a spoon which lends equal points to keeping it classy and playing fake French…Oui, Mademoiselle V!!

Mel-Jetsetter Problems-Cafe Angelina

Umm take a cue from Mel, attempting to interrupt this euphoria is a negative!

Meg-Jetsetter Problems-Pinky up

But having a pinky up like Meg is a must!

Meg-Jetsetter Problems-Cafe Angelina

And with this body party, drunk texting in the afterglow is absolutely allowed!

KO-Jetsetter Problems-Macaroons

Along with ordering more dessert…don’t judge!

Cease-Jetsetter Problems-Cafe Angelina 2

Ah Angelina, we just can’t seem to quit you! Can we take you home?! ::Le sigh::


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Until next time Café Angelina, I’ll settle for another classic…Johnny Depp in “Chocolat” #forevermymcm #likeafinewine

xo Khadijat