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Why I Thought All Camels Were From Brooklyn

I’ve been lucky enough to have had camels be a major mode of transport for some of my adventures thus far and I’ve gotta say, they are some pretty badass animals! In general, camels are super laidback to the point of comatose, unless of course provoked which takes a bit of effort to do! Even then, their attitudes are still calm but with a gangster lean as in they’ll simply just lean over, spit on you and keep it moving…leave the gun, take the cannoli, Godfather style!

Friday Gif-Camels are from Brooklyn

DAAAAAAAMN!!!!!! © New Line Cinema/Friday

Not to worry, a spitfire reaction as described above is rare. Camels are generally lovers, not fighters and are particularly known for their loyalty, patience and endurance. Their loyalty runs so deep, they never forget where home is and can easily find their ways back to the exact spots they were raised and if domesticated, to the exact people who reared them similarly to Mohammed bin Shouishan al-Sabaii’s heartwarming story from earlier this year. Camels are all about spreading love to their crew (just like the Brooklyn way) and openly express affection by throwing kisses & licks to their herd & handlers wherever, whenever similarly to some humans we know…

Amber Rose & Wiz Khalifa-Camels are from brooklyn

Crew Love! Image source: right © Muhammed Muheisen for The Wall Street Journal)/left: Wiz Khalifa & Amber Rose/

On top of being very social and loyal animals, camels also graciously sway back and forth in a statuesque manner with strong, powerful legs and regal faces up in the air that have an equal mixture of a permanent smile and the fiercest resting bitchface you’ve ever seen! It’s as if their collective mantra is: What would Naomi do?

Naomi Campbell walk-camels are from brooklyn

© Chris Robinson/Jay-Z “Change Clothes” music video

KO-Jetsetter Problems-Camels are from Brooklyn 2

I woke up like this, I woke up like this….flaaawless camels spotted on my adventure in Bikaner, India!

Quite a few owners also adorn their camels with nose rings and cool haircuts, which further enhance their bravado…

Khadijat Oseni-Jetsetter Problems-Camels are from brooklyn

Mohawk Chic: Bikaner Camel Edition!

With this brash mixture of class and sass, it’s no wonder why I could have sworn all camels are from Brooklyn…don’t even go there, The Illuminati is still watching!

KO-Camels are from Brooklyn-Jetsetterproblems

Hello Brooklyn! Image source: left ( KO on safari in the Sahara Desert

Stay tuned for my next Sound Off post, “How To Ride A Camel Like a Badass” coming soon!