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Postcards from the Edge

Dignity above all else speaks volumes. Inside our hearts, we are all born kings and queens… Spotted this underserved king on the streets of Varanasi and was instantly moved by his regal stature. I decided to not focus on his eyes because his struggle is not mine to interpret. But, observing him within this moment gave me an undeniable sense of calm about whatever was to come and his stillness was as vibrant as the noise within the streets… xo KO   Varanasi // Uttar Pradesh, India   Instagram | Twitter  

An Introvert’s Guide to Travel

Fun Fact: I’m an extroverted introvert…the worst kind possible because no one begs to think we exist. I’m equally fueled by human interaction as much as I am easily drained by said social interactions. A little part of me dies whenever I have to commit to plans, peel myself off the couch, say bye to my #bae, Netflix to head outside and interact with people…especially lots of random people! Once I get out of my own way and dart into the world, I of course couldn’t imagine a life without exploring but the steps getting there can be quite treacherous depending on my mood. I’ve found that one of the best remedies comes from building in mini breaks between commutes to fully recharge before immersing in social situations. Here are some fun ways that I’ve found helpful with hanging onto “me-time” while navigating through various points of my journey… OVERSIZED HEADPHONES Not only made for blocking out the wails of screaming babies, oversized headphones are also a stylish way of placing a visual do-not-disturb sign …

Candid Chats w/ KO

Last year at BlogHer15’s Experts Among Us conference in New York City, I met fellow blogger, Liv of Unbelievably Human and we connected on travel and life experiences. I invited Liv to be a part of my #100DaysofConfessions project and she equally had a few questions of her own for me regarding thoughts on travel and self-love. View our candid conversation below! Has travel always been apart of your background? or Did something call you to Travel? Travel has always been in my genes and from birth I’ve been nomadic due to having parents from different cultural backgrounds creating a delicate tight rope between America and Africa. Tracing where I was born and raised always turns into a geography lesson of sorts with the most frequent stints in California, New York and Nigeria so roaming has always been a natural extension of who I am at my core. However, despite my frequent movement as a child, I truly didn’t appreciate the character growth that stems from travel until my junior year in college when I …

Postcards from the Edge: London Edition

Postcards from the Edge

I long for summer days and playing through the rain. Days that make you feel despite the weather, absolutely nothing has to change. With these days I gaze through the corners of memories well spent, right there over on that park bench. When the times of my life were so vividly engaged as though the life in my palms were meant to create. Gone are the days that fall by the sidelines but by and by are built with the dreams of my unflinching eyes… x KO    Queen Mary’s Gardens//Regent’s Park, London, U.K.   Instagram | Twitter    

Confessions of a Jetsetter w/ Sumaya

“I grew up admiring the water but never managed to enjoy it until I was an adult. Whether snorkeling in the Red Sea or listening to the Pacific Ocean waves crash, I’ve found being in the water is the closest feeling to flying…Suspended in space, I’m insignificant but in control. Every wave roar and wind gust that taunted me before no longer strikes fear in me. It’s just welcoming me back…Giving me a chance to recharge before I go back on land and conquer my dreams.” – Sumaya   012/100 of #100DaysofConfessions Instagram Project  

Confessions of a Jetsetter w/ Wynne Gavin

“November 2012…My best friend, Christina, and I were staying in Orvieto, Italy during a very rainy couple of days.  The power went out a couple of times one evening and we really didn’t think much of it, figuring that their infrastructure wasn’t as strong as that in the US and dismissed the issue.  We went to dinner next door to our hotel, their power flickering as well.  Again, gave it no thought… The next morning at about 8:00am, I awoke and went into the bathroom.  No power, no water.  Again, dismissed it.  Christina and I figured it was a good opportunity to sleep in a bit.  But after about 15 minutes, I heard a racket outside; it sounded like a helicopter. So I went out to our balcony and sure enough, a helicopter was flying just above roof level, at the restaurant we had enjoyed the night before.  When I took a look around, I started yelling, “OH MY GOD!  OH MY GOD! OH MY GOD!!” Christina was asking, “What is it?”  I could only …


Confessions of a Jetsetter w/ Jessica Painter

“I’ve taught on four continents and in six countries. No matter where I am or who I’m teaching, I always walk away having learned something. Teaching has helped me to see that it doesn’t matter if I’m teaching big kids, small kids or grownups, learning is continuous. Having good holidays also feeds my wanderlust and makes me want to see more of the world. Right now, I teach in Cairo. Who wouldn’t want this as their fave spot to hang out at each weekend?!” – Jessica Painter // @jessisawanderer   001/100 of #100DaysofConfessions Instagram Project

Confessions of a Jetsetter w/ Stephanie Londono

“I took a trip to this little island called Vieques in Puerto Rico. I went to visit Culebra for the day, so I took a small plane in the morning and decided to take the public ferry back from Culebra. Long story short, after waiting 5 hours for the ferry, I meet a woman named Irma, a cancer survivor who lived alone on the island. One of the craziest storms begins to unravel after we had boarded the ferry. I’m scared out of my mind and she forced me to sit up top in the open with her. I go up with her and hold on to the bar for dear life. I remember the water splashing everywhere and this ferry moving frantically from side to side. I will never forget her peace. She just sat there and actually enjoyed it- like she was on a yacht in St. Tropez. She saw how incredibly frightened I was and she said, “Why are you so afraid? All you have to do is ask God to protect …

Confessions Of A Jetsetter w/ Niclaos Almonor

“Style is the intersection of your personality and your mission on this earth. When those are in line, your clothing and buying philosophies follow suit. I tell people “always choose the smooth life“. The “Smooth Life” is my approach to refine myself and my situations to always be smooth even when life is rough. Being a gentleman in 2015 is all about equality, understanding and love. If you love yourself then the way you treat the world and its inhabitants will always be your best look.” – Niclaos Almonor