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Err on the Side of Caution

Caution and creativity are two words that tend to live on opposite ends of the spectrum. There is a common myth that if you’re too cautious, you cannot be creative enough, and on the other hand, if you want to truly push the creative envelope, you must live with reckless abandon. This binary train of thought can actually disrupt the process of discovering your authentic voice within your work because fear is often pitted as the enemy. However, fear should just be seen as a subconscious caution signal you encounter on the road to discovering your next path. Similarly, just like the striking yellow and black color combinations of street signs strategically mounted ahead of the traveler, we can easily notice when we’re approaching a point where our fears are wrapping around our thoughts, hindering our next moves. These feelings act as internal flags regulating if the moves we’re about to make are inherently meaningful to us as well as the speeds at which we’re willing to drive past fear to actually risk succeeding. From …

Right as Rain

Rain. What is it about rain that makes moments in the city that much more dramatic? Is it the pitter-patter sound of droplets propelling from the sky, setting a silencing, melancholic stanza for droves of New Yorkers waltzing about from light to light? Though rain is symbolically the giver of life from a vast nature standpoint, in a concrete jungle like NYC, it often insights the “mean reds” which include fears of being poked in the eye by overzealous umbrella swingers, continuous loops of every Adele record possible to further drown out altered plans and of course, the inevitable struggle of what to wear to combat the unpredictability rain presents while remaining stylish. With the latter part of the equation, shoes are the most difficult statement to master because it’s easy enough to slap on a trench coat, cover your head with a scarf, pick up a poppy umbrella and feel as fabulous as Sophia Loren in The Key until you look down and realize you’re walking around with purpose in shoes that either remind …

Vintage 70s Travel

Travel Style: Vintage 70s

70s fashion has always inspired me to be more audacious with mixing bold prints, patterns, colors and high & low statement pieces in an unruly manner. One weekend this summer, I teamed up with photographer and Jetsetter Problems motley crew member, Cesarin Mateo and kindred fashionista, Kivvi Rachelle Roberts to explore the streets of lower Manhattan through a retro lens. Here’s a photo set from our session, “Wild & Free: The Rebirth” which was influenced by the unabashed attitude of 70s fashion set to the raw, gritty grooves of a Curtis Mayfield soundtrack…   Creative Direction: Khadijat Oseni, Cesarin Mateo & Kivvi Rachelle Roberts Photography: Cesarin Mateo Models & Styling: Khadijat Oseni & Kivvi Rachelle Roberts Apparel Credits: On Khadijat – BCBG (Boots), H&M (Belt), Missoni (Scarf), Urban Outfitters (Romper, Sunglasses, Stockings), Zara (Trench Coat), Vintage (Jewelry) On Kivvi – A.P.C. (Pants, Wedges), Miu Miu (Sunglasses), Zara (Top), Vintage (Jacket, Earrings, Scarf)   Instagram | Twitter    

Confessions of a Jetsetter w/ Jules Julien

“The first thing impacting me when I arrive in a new country are people…how they look, how they speak, how they are dressed, how they live together. I go generally to cities. The countryside bores me. I can still be moved by a landscape, but one day is enough for me. About a city and its livings, when I like it, I can stay watching it as long as possible… Tokyo is my favorite place. After my first visit I have returned 6 times the following years and I will go back again. I love its places, its people, its fashion and lifestyles. The first time in Tokyo, I was shooting everything. I wanted to bring back with me to Paris as many memories as possible…people in streets, subways, bars, parks… During my second trip in Tokyo, I was contacted by email by a Japanese guy, just a coincidence, he didn’t know I was in Tokyo. He was the director of the Diesel Art Gallery and he proposed I have a solo show at his space. The …

Confessions of a Jetsetter w/ Kivvi Roberts

“My travel style and philosophy go hand in hand. Wherever I go, I want to seem less like a tourist and more like I belong or at the very least live there. I love trying to pick out the subtleties of style and demeanor of the city/country I’m exploring. It’s such a great way to learn about a place, its people and its culture… One way to blend in Paris is through dress. They have such a clean, simple, chic vibe that I love. My style as of late has gravitated towards that aesthetic. The Parisian look is in the details…also one has to sit outside at a café for hours!” – Kivvi Rachelle Roberts // @kivvirachelle   045/100 of #100DaysofConfessions Instagram Project  

Confessions Of A Jetsetter w/ Niclaos Almonor

“Style is the intersection of your personality and your mission on this earth. When those are in line, your clothing and buying philosophies follow suit. I tell people “always choose the smooth life“. The “Smooth Life” is my approach to refine myself and my situations to always be smooth even when life is rough. Being a gentleman in 2015 is all about equality, understanding and love. If you love yourself then the way you treat the world and its inhabitants will always be your best look.” – Niclaos Almonor   

Time Travel: 1920s & The Jazz Age Lawn Party

A week ago, I had the opportunity to travel back in time to the 1920s via the annual Jazz Age Lawn Party on Governor’s Island in New York City. It’s always a fun affair that perfectly captures the decadence, elegance and vivacious energy surrounding this era. New York fashionistas show up in droves and dress to the nines to escape to an alternate steamy world filled with big band sounds, high-stepping foxtrotting dancers, and fancy St. Germain cocktails outside of the sweltering heat of the summer. When nostalgically reflecting on this delightfully chic summer activity that has now become a bit of a tradition for me, I also particularly love looking back at old photographs of New York City for vintage style inspiration. So, I’ve decided to integrate some of my favorite atmospheric shots of New York during this decade with images from my past weekend playing dress-up on the lawn. Enjoy! xo Khadijat


Still in awe of the mind-blowing Iman, Naomi Campbell, bad gal RihRih & Olivier Rousteing shoot in W Magazine’s September issue, I was reminded of last month’s unveiling of Balmain’s beautiful resort 2015 collection where Rousteing drew his design inspiration from the airiness, graphic colors, bold lines and geometry of California, Native American beadwork & 70s glam alike. Makes me want to practice my best Bianca Jagger impression and jetset back to Cali ASAP! Here are a few of my favorites from the collection below:   See the entire look book here and seriously, can we still discuss the epic portions of that W Magazine shoot though?!?! xo Khadijat #jetsetterproblems

Jetsetter Rule Of Thumb: Presentation Is Everything!

In life, you should always be prepared for the best and worst scenarios that may occur and one surefire, proof way of doing this is by wearing the right armor, both literally and figuratively. Whether traveling to a new destination that you’ve never been to before or even departing on a flight back to your hometown, it is important to present yourself in a manner that commands respect. Trust me, this will go miles with flirting your way through an upgrade if needed (umm half-joke?! 🙂 ) or simply just being treated like a human being through the cattle herd mentality that feels like the TSA line at times. Despite whatever happens on your journey from delayed flights to screaming babies, if you’re dressed as your personal version of royalty, you will always find a way to elevate through any crisis. I always consider myself a badass ambassador of Brooklyn when traveling and stroll through lines accordingly. My philosophy…your life is the greatest stage role you will ever get to play, why not make a memorable character that is reverent with style and …