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24 Hours: Luxembourg City

“Where are you headed next?” “Luxembourg!” “Oh cool…silly question, where is that again? Switzerland?” “No, but close, there’s a “Little Switzerland” in Luxembourg!” “Wait, I thought Luxembourg was a capital city in another country?” “Yeah, Luxembourg City IS the capital of Luxembourg!” “Oh jeez, get out of here before you drive me nuts!” “Haha, love ya!” Typical conversations that surrounded my recent trip to Luxembourg always seemed to either begin and end in a cloud of confusion as to where Luxembourg is, or garner disbelief as to how I spent an entire weekend there without electing to hop over to popular neighboring cities like Brussels, Paris and Cologne. However, during my summer in London, I decided to zip over and find out what the local sensibility of this city full of drifters is, with 60% of its population being expats and having 170,000 people commute back and forth each day. Outside of having well-paid jobs particularly in the EU and financial sectors, what is the draw to life in Luxembourg City? Upon arrival, I quickly …

Confessions of a Jetsetter w/ Joel Álvarez

“Lately, I have been itching to just get on an airplane, sit, drink wine and go somewhere…It’s like when I’m in the air, I just have this feeling of excitement and anxiousness…the whole experience and process I enjoy…Being in the clouds…seeing the world that’s beneath you and how small yet so big it seems…I think also because I’m going somewhere far…Does everyone else feel this way?” – Joel Álvarez // @joel_a 048/100 of #100DaysofConfessions Instagram Project  

Jnambowa-Catch me if you

Confessions of a Jetsetter w/ Jnambowa AKA “Catch Me If You Can”

“Back in 2007 for my 23rd birthday, my sister, two friends and I went to Cancun to celebrate…I do not recall what inspired me to suggest the trip, but there was no looking back after that! As the daughter of Ugandan immigrants, I started traveling at a very young age. My first international trip was at the age of seven when we went on our first family trip to Uganda via London, so I am no stranger to travel.  Each year it seems my birthday celebrations get bigger and better. 24 was spent in Kobe, Japan and I had proper Kobe beef for dinner. For my 25th, me and 18 friends descended upon Puerto Rico. 26 was spent dancing the night away in London. 27 wasn’t super eventful but I did some light partying with new friends in Rome. 28 was spent enjoying dinner with close friends on a Roman rooftop followed by partying too late into the night. 29 was spent on Lake Victoria with my mom and some of her close friends. Finally, …

Confessions Of A Jetsetter w/ Niclaos Almonor

“Style is the intersection of your personality and your mission on this earth. When those are in line, your clothing and buying philosophies follow suit. I tell people “always choose the smooth life“. The “Smooth Life” is my approach to refine myself and my situations to always be smooth even when life is rough. Being a gentleman in 2015 is all about equality, understanding and love. If you love yourself then the way you treat the world and its inhabitants will always be your best look.” – Niclaos Almonor   

Travel Style Inspiration: The Photography of Louise Dahl-Wolfe

Louise Dahl-Wolfe was a wildly popular and talented American fashion photographer that was most notably recognized for her work as a staff photographer for Harper’s Bazaar during the late ’30s up until the 1950s. Her signature was shooting exquisite, environmental portraits using natural light. Being a huge fan of vintage fashion, photography as well as collecting old magazines for travel inspiration, I’ve always felt a great wealth of wanderlust and solace in her imagery. Here are a few of my favorite jet set moments from Louise Dagl-Wolfe’s archive: xo Khadijat  


Still in awe of the mind-blowing Iman, Naomi Campbell, bad gal RihRih & Olivier Rousteing shoot in W Magazine’s September issue, I was reminded of last month’s unveiling of Balmain’s beautiful resort 2015 collection where Rousteing drew his design inspiration from the airiness, graphic colors, bold lines and geometry of California, Native American beadwork & 70s glam alike. Makes me want to practice my best Bianca Jagger impression and jetset back to Cali ASAP! Here are a few of my favorites from the collection below:   See the entire look book here and seriously, can we still discuss the epic portions of that W Magazine shoot though?!?! xo Khadijat #jetsetterproblems

Jetsetter Rule Of Thumb: Presentation Is Everything!

In life, you should always be prepared for the best and worst scenarios that may occur and one surefire, proof way of doing this is by wearing the right armor, both literally and figuratively. Whether traveling to a new destination that you’ve never been to before or even departing on a flight back to your hometown, it is important to present yourself in a manner that commands respect. Trust me, this will go miles with flirting your way through an upgrade if needed (umm half-joke?! 🙂 ) or simply just being treated like a human being through the cattle herd mentality that feels like the TSA line at times. Despite whatever happens on your journey from delayed flights to screaming babies, if you’re dressed as your personal version of royalty, you will always find a way to elevate through any crisis. I always consider myself a badass ambassador of Brooklyn when traveling and stroll through lines accordingly. My philosophy…your life is the greatest stage role you will ever get to play, why not make a memorable character that is reverent with style and …