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Ride A Camel Like A Badass

Khadijat Oseni-Ride A

As affirmed in a previous post, camels are pretty badass animals and riding them makes you equally as badass. But riding definitely is not as easy as it looks. Here are some tips to stay cool while getting one of the most epic thigh workouts of your life and in no time, you’ll master how to ride a camel like a badass!

1) Cover up – protecting your skin from harsh sun rays as well as guarding your eyes from sand are lasting keys to your journey so bust out those sunglasses and sunscreen. My desert attire always follows the 3 Ls: long, light and loose, but if you’re not into completely covering up, dress in layers so you can pull on and off articles of clothing if you get too hot. To avoid itchy skin due to camel hair, I suggest going with long pants. For my naturalistas out there, turbans are especially your best friends.


KO-Jetsetter Problems-Ride a camel 6

Ninja duties in the Sahara

2) Don’t just creep up on a camel unknowingly without a firm introduction Same rules as with a Brooklynite – like true badasses, camels aren’t generally keen on strangers getting directly in their faces unless their crew has vetted you; they are extremely loyal. So wait for your guide’s approval and instructions while standing to the side of the camel initially, not directly in its face and you’ll be golden.

KO-Jetsetter Problems-Ride a camel 5

3) Stay calm when heading up – Many people lose their cool when ascending on a camel because camels are very tall and tend to dart straight up from a seated position with little to no warning. The trick is to hop on, sit in the middle, hold firm like you’re about to ride a mechanical bull and likewise, sway slightly back and forth with your camel’s rhythm as its hind and front legs pick up.

Beyonce-ride a camel like a badass

Ok maybe not as dramatic as Baddie Bey but you get the point! Via:

Friendly reminder to hold on the whole time during an ascend…it’s a long way down otherwise! Once you’re hoisted up in the air, rest regally in the middle, take a breath, laugh and recover from your heart jumping through your throat!

KO-Jetsetter Problems-ride a camel like a badass 5

Taking a rest stop in-between exploring the Sahara

4) Travel as light as possible – Attach your pack to your saddle, have a bottle of water on-hand, bust out your camera for selfies and have fun basking in the fact that you’re embarking on an amazing adventure while cursing like a sailor for dear life due to the throbbing muscles you never knew existed in your inner thighs!

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Pimp My Ride: Sahara Edition

Fellas, do whatever you have to do for survival, comfort will always be elusive!

Gilles-Jetsetter Problems-Ride a camel like a badass 2

Jetsetter Problems motley crew member, Gilles, kicking back during a ride through the Thar Desert

 5) Once again, relax – Descending on a camel works in a similar manner as ascending. Hold on tight, follow the rhythm of your camel back and forth until you are instantly shot back down to earth.

KO-Ride a camel like a badass 1-Jetsetterproblems

And voilà, you’ve mastered how to ride a camel like a badass!