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On the Hunt for Inspiration

Hunting for inspiration as a creative can be quite a daunting task. We aimlessly search high and wide for this elusive buried treasure of thoughts everywhere we turn. Our eyes are constantly thirsty for knowledge and each twist and turn along the road feeds a sometimes insatiable, mental beast obsessively documenting every move. The thrill is stimulating but can be draining and counterproductive once we’ve come down from this trip. We may feel overwhelmed, broken and lost.

It’s at this point that retracing our journeys, simplifying our process, and finding stillness is key. The act of just closing our eyes for a second to meditate can reveal a new perspective to appreciate the tiny moments and everyday elements that surround us. In stillness, we often find the answers we’ve been searching for the entire time.

Hunt for

I recently discovered this very important lesson accidentally. I was in a hurry to get out the door, occupied by jumbled thoughts for future posts and couldn’t find my set of keys. Tearing apart a path before me, I finally discovered my keys underneath the garment bag I had picked up from cool, up & coming fashion brand, Shae NY. I took a moment to just breathe after sarcastically muttering to myself, “Great job Khadijat!” When I refocused my attention to resume moving forward, I noticed an old metrocard next to the garment bag and for some reason the colors felt fresh to me.

In that moment, the concept for one of my looks instantly popped in my head and I decided I felt like dressing like a metrocard. And as the story goes, a new creation was birthed from a random moment of stillness.


Sweater: Shae NY (use code “JETSET10” for 10% off!)/ Pants: Urban Outfitters

Photography: James Creel

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