Travel Style

Jetsetter Rule Of Thumb: Presentation Is Everything!

In life, you should always be prepared for the best and worst scenarios that may occur and one surefire, proof way of doing this is by wearing the right armor, both literally and figuratively. Whether traveling to a new destination that you’ve never been to before or even departing on a flight back to your hometown, it is important to present yourself in a manner that commands respect.

Cesarin Mateo-presentation is everything-Jetsetter Problems

Jetsetter Problems motley crew member, Cesarin Mateo representing Harlem

Trust me, this will go miles with flirting your way through an upgrade if needed (umm half-joke?! 🙂 ) or simply just being treated like a human being through the cattle herd mentality that feels like the TSA line at times. Despite whatever happens on your journey from delayed flights to screaming babies, if you’re dressed as your personal version of royalty, you will always find a way to elevate through any crisis.

Gaga-Airport-presentation is everything

Unicorn Glam Cam: Flashback to Lady Gaga’s Versace Versace Versace 2012 moment at Gimpo Airport in Seoul, South Korea…YAAAAAAAAS!!! Photo Credit: Han Myung-Gu/2012

I always consider myself a badass ambassador of Brooklyn when traveling and stroll through lines accordingly. My philosophy…your life is the greatest stage role you will ever get to play, why not make a memorable character that is reverent with style and grace. It’s not from a place of ego or materialism but rather all about taking pride in your worth and expressing your inner rockstar outwardly which in turn helps enhance your mood and transform your experience.

KO-presentation is everything-jetsetterproblems

KO captured outside LAX airport by LA street style blog, Streetgeist

Traveling is one of the few arenas to freely play a character, alter ego and have fun…don’t waste this moment to display your inner greatness, vulnerabilities and curiosities…all aspects of self are always welcome aboard. Trust your instincts and explore the possibilities of becoming your best self!

xo Khadijat