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Jetsetter Problem #1: Where To Go Next! (Part I)

One of the toughest decisions for a travel addict like myself is narrowing down my endless wish list of places to roam. In true Liz Lemon fashion, I WANT TO GO TO THERE…EVERYWHERE…ALL THE TIME! This of course isn’t the easiest feat…

Liz Lemon-where to go next-Jetsetterproblems.comSo finding fun ways to be decisive about where to visit next are always welcome. Rather than tossing a coin to decide my next trip – one of my tried and true methods for resolving cliffhangers – I’ve chosen instead to toss my fate up to the hands of the world’s game…that’s right, FIFA 2014 baby!

Brazilian Fans-Where to go next-Jetsetterproblems.com

© AP Photo/Fernando Llano, 2013

This year, FIFA Fever has been at an all-time high as unexpected brilliant performances have come to pass (hello Costa Rica!) and rekindled my interest in revisiting my bucket list. As a result, I plan to translate my rousing cheers at my TV screen into camera-shuttered glimpses of astonishment by visiting the country of the winning World Cup soccer team by the end of this year. Anybody else with me?!

Currently, the countries still in the running are: Brazil, Colombia, Costa Rica (unbelievable!), Netherlands, France, Germany, Argentina and Belgium. Of the 8 countries listed above, I’ve had the pleasure of visiting 3 – The Netherlands, France and Germany. Here’s hoping that I get to encounter a new destination but regardless if I don’t get this opportunity, these 3 places all hold a very special place in my heart. Heck, I’d drop everything to live in any of these countries in a second!

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KO adventures abroad in Paris, Berlin & Amsterdam

My desired pick would be to visit Colombia…let’s see what happens next!

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