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Jetsetter Problem #1: Where To Go Next! (Part II)

Fresh off the heels of an exciting 4th of July holiday weekend coupled with migraines gained from watching some pretty riveting soccer matches (namely the Netherlands vs. Costa Rica heart attack special!), I’m ready to dive back into using the World Cup as a means of narrowing down my next international destination!

KO-next international destination-jetsetterproblems.com

Bringing retro Americana flair to Rivas, Nicaragua

Unfortunately my desired pick from last week, Colombia, was eliminated by Brazil, which means it’s time to draw a new card for the semi-final rounds…

LizEyeRoll-3-next international destination

The remaining countries left in the pool for World Cup domination are Brazil, Germany, Netherlands and Argentina.  These choices pose a 2:2 dead heat ratio of places I’ve visited in the past and places yet to be discovered.

KO-next international destination 2-Jetsetterproblems.com

Love is A Battlefield: Berlin & Amsterdam Editions

My new desired pick would be Argentina. Buenos Aires has been a city high on my list for quite some time now. Who can honestly go wrong with the solid combination of fine wine, sizzling steaks, sexy tangos, fascinating architecture, a fantastic arts scene and a chance to recreate an even cheesier rendition of Madonna’s “Don’t Cry For Me Argentina” at my airport terminal highly risking being flagged by the TSA for unlawful use of dated pop culture to rehash childhood trauma in confined, public spaces…sorry Madge but YES please!

madonna-next international destination-Argentina

Additionally, loving all things Parisian, I’ve been particularly curious about finding out why Buenos Aires is often considered “The Paris of South America” and arriving at my own conclusion.

Oh la la…let’s go!

KO-next international destination-jetsetterproblems.com

Twirling at Grand Army Plaza where Brooklyn, New York meets Paris

xo Khadijat