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Confessions of a Jetsetter w/ V

V-To San Francisco with love-Jetsetterproblems

“My journey through San Francisco was only supposed to last a year. It has now been 3 years. A combination of childhood memories, a desire for a new beginning, to carve my way through Creative Tech, and a yearning to find true love in this gentle City by the Bay. I bought a one-way ticket to SFO and flew up from Los Angeles with a sublet and a duffel bag.

 For the first 6 months, I was a gypsy. Hopping from sublet to sublet, Bernal Heights to the Castro. I was boosted by a crazy leaseholder and found refuge in a quirky woman’s guesthouse in Marin County. I found a job and eventually moved into the first place of my own in San Rafael.

I was dating but was still trying to figure it all out. I had always had a fascination with fortune and in San Francisco there was no shortage of fortune-tellers and energy healers. I really just wanted an answer. Who was this guy? When would I meet him? Where the hell was he? I kept getting all the right hints, learning all the tough lessons, but still, no dice. After a trip to India, I was determined to change my life as I had when I made the decision to first come to the Bay. With just a little insight from fortune, action, and a hell of a lot of drive, I finally landed an apartment back in San Francisco proper in the TenderNob. The sky opened up and finally, after years of seeking a doorway, I had received an opportunity from one of the largest companies in Tech.

So is it over, San Francisco? By all standards, I did everything I was supposed to do here, except find my long-term love in the City of Relationships. Yet, my past need to jet from city to city has subsided. I find the skies around the Golden Gate Bridge and the Presidio Redwood Trees soothing. I am seduced by ferry views of the lights approaching the Port of San Francisco. I realize, I’m not ready to leave you. With the rental and housing inflation, with the ever-changing industry, with the continual mystery of my dating-life, all I ask San Francisco, is don’t push me away, Let’s give this a fair shot…”

V // @PapiChuloWear


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  1. I love travel, and I always worry I’m going to find a place that it’s impossible to leave and never return. I guess there are worse things! Love your blog.

    • Haha yes travel can have that effect and it’s always a gamble as to where your path will lead you! But this is what makes it such a beautiful way of learning, embracing change and exploring what your ultimate needs and desires are. So fear not Sadie, keep venturing out and getting lost in a good way 🙂 Glad you enjoy the blog and “Confessions” series!

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