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Confessions of a Jetsetter w/ Tobias Hutzler

“I was always very hungry to experience the world. As a teenager, I was backpacking through Europe with a friend and we somehow ended up in Africa. That imperishable moment when I stood at the edge of the Sahara was carved in my memory. I looked into the endless vastness, the giant space and the beauty of light and space. I wanted to cross the Sahara, and I did.

One year later, I started from Timbuktu and went on this long journey alone across the desert in a caravan. This shaped my life. I started to take photographs on this journey. I experienced extreme opposites in a short span of time such as light & darkness, heat & cold, silence & noise, these are the basic components of our lives. We reached “the other side” but this moment didn’t really matter.

Looking back now it becomes all very clear. My photography was born there, my use of light and space. The essence of my experiences made during my many trips gave me another perspective and enables me to feel  familiar surroundings in a different way. I’ve become sensitive to details. By visiting new places and countries, I understand New York a bit more each time…I hope I never stop learning and I always will be hungry to experience the world…​”

Tobias Hutzler // @tobiashutzlerstudios


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