Confessions of a Jetsetter™

Confessions of a Jetsetter w/ Mengly Hernandez

“As a rule of thumb, I travel with various scarves wherever I go. Partly aesthetics and partly practicality. I find that a scarf is one of those accessories that can be functional to cover the face from dust, help you along on a bad hair day, and even serve as a blanket or pillow. On the aesthetic side, it’s one of my favorite accessories because it can add an adorning element to any outfit when worn either on the neck, head, or hip/waist as a sash.

Visiting Morocco was a real treat because it fueled my love of textiles and scarves. As a designer of scarves, I felt extremely insured to see so many traditional patterns, specifically geometric shapes that are all around the predominately Islamic country. Their aesthetic harmoniously connected with my love of lines and color combinations. It’s definitely a country I would like to revisit and further explore…”

Mengly-Linea Germania Scarves-Jetsetterproblems

 Mengly Hernandez AKA @missmengly


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