Confessions of a Jetsetter™

Confessions of a Jetsetter w/ Kaori Anne Jolliffe

“I did a trip around Andalusia with my boyfriend at the beginning of this year. I have so many amazing memories from taking a nap on the beach in Málaga when we first arrived, to cracking up and crying from laughter at the blue pedestrian crossing signs because they looked like the Beyoncé “Single Ladies” dance, to biking around the Albaicín in Granada. On my to-do list for Andalusia was, of course, Gibraltar. It was so bizarre to see a little bubble of British culture so far away from the UK. After arriving, we decided to climb all the way up the Rock of Gibraltar to avoid the hefty taxi fee. One beer later at the pub by Michael’s Cave, we climbed up to the battery, which was being renovated. There was a ladder up the huge cannon so we snuck up there and shared the most delicious donut ever in the British enclave with Spain behind us whilst staring out at North Africa…I’ve never felt so small!”

Kaori Anne Jolliffe // @kaoriannej


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