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Confessions of a Jetsetter w/ Jnambowa AKA “Catch Me If You Can”

Jnambowa-Catch me if you

“Back in 2007 for my 23rd birthday, my sister, two friends and I went to Cancun to celebrate…I do not recall what inspired me to suggest the trip, but there was no looking back after that! As the daughter of Ugandan immigrants, I started traveling at a very young age. My first international trip was at the age of seven when we went on our first family trip to Uganda via London, so I am no stranger to travel.

 Each year it seems my birthday celebrations get bigger and better. 24 was spent in Kobe, Japan and I had proper Kobe beef for dinner. For my 25th, me and 18 friends descended upon Puerto Rico. 26 was spent dancing the night away in London. 27 wasn’t super eventful but I did some light partying with new friends in Rome. 28 was spent enjoying dinner with close friends on a Roman rooftop followed by partying too late into the night. 29 was spent on Lake Victoria with my mom and some of her close friends. Finally, the answer you’ve been looking for, my 30th…

Jnambowa-Catch me if you can

My 30th was by far my best “birthday on the road.” I celebrated 30 days of 30 (April 30 – May 30) in several places…3 continents (Africa, Europe, North America), 6 countries (Portugal, Senegal, Italy, USA, Panama, Canada) and 9 cities. It was everything I thought it would be and so much more.

I celebrated in Lisbon, Dakar, Toubab Dialaw, Rome, Detroit, Panama City, Bocas del Toro, Montreal and NYC. My actual birthday, which is May 15th was spent in Panama City/Bocas del Toro with 23 of my friends…It was truly a dream. The lodging was perfect. The food was perfect. The parties were perfect and most importantly, the friendship and community was perfect. To know that people would spend the time and money to celebrate with me is a humbling feeling every time I do it. I am looking forward to many more birthdays on the road. My birthday is this Friday and while I will spend the actual day in DC, me and a group of friends are heading to Abu Dhabi and Dubai to celebrate my 31st!”

Jnambowa-Catch me if you can

Jnambowa AKA “Catch Me If You Can”


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