Confessions of a Jetsetter™

Confessions of a Jetsetter w/ James Oliver Jr.

“My favorite travel adventure was my destination wedding to Punta Cana, Dominican Republic in May 2006.

The weather was perfect. There were 35 of my closest friends and family, and my wife looked incredible. We got married on the beach, and the ceremony and reception were amazing. It was the best wedding I’ve ever been to, and I’m not just saying that because it was mine! 

Being in Punta Cana for two weeks was also like having a series of mini vacations with friends because everyone stayed for different durations. The whole experience was simply perfect… 

That travel event influenced my life professionally, too. In September 2011, I saw an HGTV episode in which they were in a family’s basement covering the wall with big, beautiful photo collage wallpaper, and I wanted to similarly display my amazing wedding photos. However, there was no way for me to replicate what I saw on TV, so I created a business that would let me do so. I called it WeMontage and it’s the world’s only way to turn pictures into large removable wallpaper.

Here’s a photo of a wall in my home I created…it makes me smile every time I see it and remember that amazing experience in Punta Cana…

James Oliver Jr. Confessions

And here’s what that space looks like after twins. HA!”

James Oliver Jr-Confessions

James Oliver, Jr. // @wemontage


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