Confessions of a Jetsetter™

Confessions of a Jetsetter w/ Ericka Tapia

“Before Vogue’s poll of Brooklyn being the coolest place on the planet, before the hipster invasion, before the lovely art adorning our street corners– Brooklyn was always cool. Cool because of its raw diversity, attitude, style, and culture. I have some fond memories of why I love Brooklyn…

I remember Bushwick block parties were always pop’n until they got shot up, I remember playing skelly top in Red Hook Projects and taking strolls up Court Street on hot summer days…I remember Coney Island on Easter Sundays and everyone from the hood had their very best on…

I remember when Thrift Stores were second hand stores and you didn’t want to be caught dead in there because that meant you were poor…Now you’re actually considered cool and frugal if you shop Vintage — who knew!

I remember taking the school bus from Red Hook Projects to an almost all white elementary school in Park Slope called Brooklyn New School. I even went to a high school called Brooklyn School For Global Studies– can’t get anymore Brooklyn than that!!


I remember Old Timer’s Day in Red Hook, Fort Greene Day, and Marcy Day– Public Housing aka “The Projects” don’t have block parties so every project has a weekend in the summer where everyone cools out and family reunites in the courts. There’s usually several fights and a possible stabbing or shoot out– but aside from that, those are some of the best cookouts! I know, crazy but fact! Ask any hood Brooklynite!

I remember when my mom used to take me to art classes at Brooklyn’s Pratt Institute and I was training to be a dancer with the Urban Bush Women. I remember being such a girly girl who chased danger. I liked the Brooklyn bad boys and was always somewhere crazy I shouldn’t have been but always felt safe…

Ericka Tapia-BKJ-Jetsetterproblems 5

Street view of The Brooklyn Love Building in Fort Greene, Brooklyn

I remember when Court Street was lined with Pizza Parlors, Italian Gourmet shops and Mom and Pop shops all owned by the Mob and now, there are five star restaurants frequently visited by Beyoncé, Ben Stiller, and other celebs…

I remember sitting on my stoop in Bushwick with my friends and cracking jokes on each other until someone cried. We were so mean!! Lol! I remember dating a guy who I was talking to one day and he pulled out a gun on another mutual friend of ours over money. I remember the same guy got knocked out years later in front of me, lol but we weren’t dating then! I remember hanging out on the corner of Central Ave and Weirfield for so many years with the fellas– I was the only girl out the crew. I miss those days!

Brooklyn Jewelgasm-Jetsetterproblems 3

Street art spotted in Bushwick, Brooklyn

I remember double dutch in the street, johnny pumps in the summer, the Dominican dude in the ice cream truck who also sold “other things”! I remember in my old Brooklyn apartment, my brother created a studio and would rap ALL NIGHT long and all of their friends would spend the night and eat all of our food. Their room was called #5B Ghetto Pains Studio!

While my memories are a thing of the past, they are a reminder of the very diverse and culturally infused upbringing I had in Brooklyn. I wouldn’t change a thing in my life and I couldn’t be more proud to be a Brooklynite. That is why I love Brooklyn…”

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Ericka Tapia


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