Confessions of a Jetsetter™

Confessions of a Jetsetter w/ Tanya M. Odom

“For me, being a sola woman traveler means that I am often stepping outside my comfort zone. I am often the only woman seated in an area of the plane, in the airport lounge, or at breakfast in the hotel restaurant.  I do it anyway.

I enjoyed hearing Gloria Steinem talk about eating out alone.

After being in a country for several days, and especially if it is a new project – I often treat myself to a very nice restaurant. 

After working on a global project, I remembered wanting to treat myself while in Paris. I remembered reading a review of a restaurant in Paris that talked about how people dining alone were not treated well, and that they did not get a “seat with a view.”

I am glad that I went anyway… I was seated right next to the window at Le Jules Verne, and the service, view, food, and wine were all spectacular. I was given a tour of the restaurant, and took tons of photos. 

I am glad that I ignored the online statements. It was a lunch to remember…”

Tanya m odom-Le Jules Verne-lunch

Tanya M. Odom


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**Tanya M. Odom is an education consultant who works with corporations, schools, NGOs and local communities as a leadership coach on civil & human rights, global diversity and inclusion. You can read more about Tanya here:**

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