Confessions of a Jetsetter™

Confessions of a Jetsetter w/ Kamilla Sun

“It’s hard to choose one specific memory! So many of them! Each trip has its unique, fascinating story: sad, funny, risky or inspiring. But, all of them have a similar trace. When I followed my intuition and was open in all these moments, I had the most incredible adventures.

So I’ll just tell the first that comes to mind…

In 2013, when I just broke up with my long-term boyfriend whom I lived with, I temporary moved to my girlfriend’s apartment and stayed there on a month-to-month basis until I figured out my next step. I was lost, confused, broke, didn’t like my job, and didn’t know what I wanted from life. Somehow I came to the realization that all my life, I’d actually never really known myself due to living under so many societal conditions and expectations. So, I was determined to reevaluate my whole life and what I wanted from it.

One night, I went to dinner with a group of people and met this German girl named Maria. We connected right away and started to share things about ourselves. I don’t know how we started talking about places we’d like to go in the world. While I was listing my bucket list, I mentioned Alaska. When she heard this, she exclaimed, “I also want to go there! Let’s go!” I laughed and said, “Yes, lets do it,” but I thought she wasn’t saying it very seriously because I’m used to hearing people give empty promises.

Two days later she calls me, “Kamilla, I looked into flights to Alaska and they’re only $400 round trip. Let’s buy them now!” I was in shock. She WAS being serious! And next thing I knew, we were buying the tickets and I was going to Alaska in a month with pretty much a complete stranger.

I told my roommate that I’m leaving to Alaska and unfortunately won’t be able to pay for the rent and for a trip simultaneously.  So I had to give up my spot in the apartment. It was an abrupt decision and didn’t make sense to her in my financial state. She was concerned.  She couldn’t understand why I would go somewhere and travel when I needed to save money and try to settle myself instead.

She asked me all the right practical questions, “Where will you live when you get back? How will you sustain yourself if you won’t continue working? How will you pay for taking a new lease if you spend everything on the trip?” I didn’t know the answers. I won’t lie, I was scared but for some reason I felt it was the right decision, it’s was now or never. So I took the risk.  I put all my stuff in storage and left for the unknown…

It was my first real adventure ever with no real plan for the future and no place to come back to. Maria and I had a blast in Alaska! She was a wonderful companion. We rented a car and drove everywhere in Alaska, made new friends, saw nature in all its magnificence, camped, hiked, got into fun situations…

What was supposed to just be a month-long trip to Alaska followed up with a whirlwind of two years of non-stop traveling around the world. I would just come back to NYC for a week or so on end and then head to the next adventure just switching up my clothes from the storage room according to the weather in my next location.

Everything worked out. Magically, I would get occasional paid jobs. Friends would help me with temporary stays. I knew I needed to be out of my comfort zone in this manner in order to find my purpose and learn more about myself. People thought I was crazy. I didn’t’ care. I was following my heart. It was quite a roller coaster of ups and downs. Through exploring the world, I discovered myself.

I’m so grateful I did this once in my life and that fear of the unknown didn’t stop me. I’m grateful to people who have helped me along the way and understood my position. I’ve learned that you have to believe in your heart and trust the universe. It’s the best you can do for yourself in life.”

Kamilla Sun


About Kamilla Sun

Kamilla is the founder of ST.ART, a creative agency based in NYC representing innovative contemporary urban artists worldwide. ST.ART bridges the gap between companies and dynamic artists looking to impact culture through artful design via carrying out their creative visions from start to finish in the both the commercial and private collector sectors.

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