Month: January 2016

Postcards from the Edge: London Edition

Postcards from the Edge

I long for summer days and playing through the rain. Days that make you feel despite the weather, absolutely nothing has to change. With these days I gaze through the corners of memories well spent, right there over on that park bench. When the times of my life were so vividly engaged as though the life in my palms were meant to create. Gone are the days that fall by the sidelines but by and by are built with the dreams of my unflinching eyes… x KO    Queen Mary’s Gardens//Regent’s Park, London, U.K.   Instagram | Twitter    

The Curious Case of Beauty

When it comes to the concept of beauty, I was raised from the neck up as a “smart symbol” and as a result, have always had a disjointed connection to my psychically as a point of entry to celebrate. Growing up, I found beauty in all forms of art including paintings, literature and music as well as through genuinely connecting with people and ideas outside of my general perspective. Beauty was always an experience, never quite a destination. I almost always found beauty particularly striking in two extremes – belly-aching laughter and painstaking vulnerability – expressions and emotions that could never be concealed behind any set of eyes. My confidence came from my intellectual awkwardness and although I had a brief moment during school days where I was teased because I was too tall, too skinny, my lips too big, my eyes too far apart, my gap in my teeth too wide, I never dutifully placed a value in those moments because I lived inside my head and subsequently fought back against my bullies with …