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10 Personality Types To Avoid When Selecting A Travel Buddy

Traveling with a friend, lover or family member can either be the most invigorating experience or biggest nightmare on the planet. The key to avoiding the latter category is by remaining mindful of different personality types while plotting your next escape. Enlisting the cast of one of my all-time favorite first world problems movies, “Mean Girls” along with E- Online, here’s a handy list of travel buddies to avoid so you don’t end up kicking your own bucket list!

10) The Age-Inappropriate Partier whose motto will forever be, “Turn down for what?!?!”

10 travel buddies to avoid-age inappropriate-Jetsetterproblems

9) The Thirst Bucket who falls in love with everyone and everything no matter where you happen to be…

10 travel buddies to avoid-thirsty-Jetsetterproblems

8) The Debbie Downer who should never have left home in the first place and reminds you why every second you attempt to make plans…ummm #BYEFELICIA!!

10 travel buddies to avoid-debbie downer-Jetsetterproblems

7) The Paranoid Worry Wart who is convinced everything you do will either kill you or land you in the next installment of “Hostel”, “Taken” or a remote Thai prison…

10 travel buddies to avoid-worry wart-Jetsetterproblems

6) The Itinerary Nazi who needs to calm down and get a big, fat…Y.O.L.O!! 

10 travel buddies to avoid-stickler-Jetsetterproblems

5) The Fad Dieter with no regard for human life due to not recognizing half the joy of vacationing is expanding your flavor palette even if everything goes south in more ways than one…

10 travel buddies to avoid-fad dieter-Jetsetterproblems

4) The Social Media Narcissist who forgets he/she is traveling with anyone else outside of Instagram and dominates your entire travel agenda #CÉLFIE…selfie w/ a pinky up, duh!!

10 travel buddies to avoid-selfie queen-Jetsetterproblems

3) The Run And Tell Dat who disrespects the golden rule, “What happens on  vacation, stays on vacation!”

10 travel buddies to avoid-the rat-Jetsetterproblems

2)   The Stage Five Clinger who doesn’t understand the concept of individuality or “me time”…

10 travel buddies to avoid-clinger-Jetsetterproblems

And last but not least…

1) The Blissfully Sheltered 10 travel buddies to avoid-sheltered-Jetsetterproblems

Nuff said!

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